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How much does parking cost?

The prices of parking spots depend on the selected parking lot, the length of the reservation and available promotions. Select the appropriate date range on our website and check all available offers with current prices.

Will I receive a VAT invoice?

Yes. Select a parking lot that issues VAT invoices. Then, in the reservation form, select the option "I want to receive an invoice." and provide company details The invoice will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you upon receipt of the car at the parking lot.

Is paying with NextPark safe?

Definitely yes. Payments on the NextPark website are handled by an online payment provider with all the powers and approvals of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Everything is secured by encrypted connections with an SSL certificate. As a result, your personal data and banking details are protected and cannot be intercepted. Your privacy is very important to us, which is why we comply with the legal requirements regarding personal data. Information is never passed on to third parties without your consent. Also remember that even if you pay during the booking and finally cancel your arrival - you will receive a refund of all fees.

How can I pay for a parking spot?

Payment can be made during the booking or upon arrival at the car park. Payment now will speed up the booking process, which will directly shorten your stay in the parking lot. If you choose to pay in the parking lot, read the description carefully to find out if the car park offers card payments. Some of them can only be paid for upon booking.

Do I have to make a prepayment?

Prepayment is not necessary. You can pay the full amount upon arrival. By choosing online payment, however, you will gain valuable minutes that will be even more needed on the day of departure.

Паркування в аеропорту

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аеропорт парковка варшава шопен
Стоянка в аеропорту
Варшава Шопен
аеропорт парковка варшава modlin
Стоянка в аеропорту
Варшава Modlin
аеропорт парковка познань ławica
Стоянка в аеропорту
Познань Ławica
аеропорт парковка катовіце pyrzowice
Стоянка в аеропорту
Катовіце Pyrzowice
аеропорт парковка вроцлав
Стоянка в аеропорту
аеропорт парковка гданськ
Стоянка в аеропорту
аеропорт парковка краків balice
Стоянка в аеропорту
Краків Balice
аеропорт парковка бидгощ
Стоянка в аеропорту
аеропорт парковка drezno
Стоянка в аеропорту
аеропорт парковка брно
Стоянка в аеропорту
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