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Are the car parks covered?

Some of the car parks available on our website offer covered parking spaces for an additional fee. Information on the specificity of available spaces in a given car park can be found in the details of the offer on our website.

I will arrive at the parking lot later than scheduled. What should i do?

If possible, inform the car park of the delay. By informing the car park staff about the change of arrival time, you will provide yourself with a transfer to the airport adapted to the actual time of arrival. The best method of informing about the change of your arrival time is by phone. You will find the contact number on the booking confirmation.

Does it happen that there are no more free spots in the car park in a given period?

Yes. In order to ensure the comfort and safety of customers, each car park has a limited number of parking spots. However, the selection of parking lots on our website is large, so you will always find an available space during the period you are interested in. If you want more choice, book your parking spot well in advance.

My car was scratched while stationary. What can I do?

Due to the safety procedures and the limited number of parking spaces, such situations are extremely rare. However, if such an event occurs, you should immediately notify the car park staff about it and ask for a written confirmation of the damage. NextPark does not support parking spots, therefore decisions on any reimbursement or compensation are made directly by the parking operator.

How can I contact the car park? Where can I find a phone number?

You will find the telephone number of the car park where you have reserved a parking spot, on your booking confirmation. It is sent to you via e-mail address you provided during the booking. We will also send you the number by SMS.
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