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Do I have to leave my car keys in the parking lot?

No, there is no such need. In some car parks it is possible to deposit the keys for a small fee. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about losing them during the trip.

How do I find a parking lot?

You will receive the address of the car park by e-mail and text message provided in the booking form, immediately after making the booking. You will also receive a message 24 hours before your scheduled arrival at the car park.

How do I get from the car park to the airport?

Each car park in our offer provides a free transfer both to the airport and to the car park upon arrival.

How often is the transfer made?

Immediately upon arrival at the parking lot. Transfer cars carry out the courses flexibly, depending on the clients' needs. Sometimes the driver may wait a while for other passengers, but it never takes too long. However, if it happens that the transfer car has left at the time of your arrival at the parking lot, you have nothing to fear. Most car parks have at least two transfer cars. Even if there is only one runs, the waiting time for his return should not be longer than 20-25 minutes. This can take up to 30 minutes during peak traffic, but you will usually wait a lot less.
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