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Parking Avanti
Parking Avanti
Parking Avanti

Parking Avanti

Парковка в аэропорту Варшаве Модлин

Телефонное резервирование
+48 222 662 439

Parking Avanti znajduje się zaledwie 3 minuty od Lotniska Warszawa Modlin. Parking jest czynny 24 godziny przez 7 dni w tygodniu. Jest to plac z utwardzoną nawierzchnią, oświetlony i ogrodzony. Oferuje bezpieczny oraz bezpłatny transfer z parkingu na lotnisko i na parking z lotniska. Dla klientów zmęczonych podróżą czeka tutaj też kawa oraz herbata!


  • за пределами
  • застрахованный
  • Огороженная
  • освещенный
  • контролируемый
  • оплата картой
  • 24/7 сервис
  • 2.18 км od lotniska
  • 3 мин время передачи
  • Бесплатный трансфер
  • Выдает счет-фактуру НДС


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Miejsce w którym zaparkujesz
Generała Ignacego Ledóchowskiego 153, 05-160 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki
Współrzędne GPS:
52.44204151575913, 20.674830430681236
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B. J - 13/09/2022
With a clear conscience it makes 5/5. We arrived at the parking lot in the morning and we were literally 10 minutes at the airport. We had everything paid in advance, and on the way back, one of the planes missed and we arrived in Warsaw a day later. We did not pay extra for the parking lot, even though the car was standing longer. Very good contact with employees. Instant pickup from the airport. We highly recommend it and thank you again.

lisu221 - 24/08/2022
It is easy to hit, the car is left behind, it is no longer safe. Quickly transported to the airport, also quickly brought after a week, and we left the airport around 2.00 am. The service was fine, without any reservations.

Maciej B - 26/08/2022
Somehow the customer service is at the highest level. The drivers' personal culture is impeccable. Outright perfect punctuality. Cars for transporting customers very clean and fragrant. Highly recommended, I will not use any other parking lot in the future

Zofia Filipek - 05/08/2022
Parking service for 6 with a plus. We just got back yesterday. Despite more than 2 hours delay and the night time, a delightful Lord was waiting for us at the airport. A large, well-kept car park, almost 2 minutes from the airport. The best I know and I always leave my car in parking lots. This one is just brilliant. I recommend

Luca Mognon - 25/07/2022
The best parking near Warsaw Modlin airport! With my wife we ​​have already used them several times: they are efficient and reliable. PS: the last time our flight back to Warsaw was canceled, a phone call was enough and the owner assured us that there would be no problems and so it was😉 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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