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We are very sorry, we do not have any parking offers available near the Zielona Góra - Babimost airport. Please visit our website regularly.

Until the problem is resolved, we encourage you to use the Official Airport Parking lot located at:

Szkolna 23, 66-111 Nowe Kramsko

Please check the availability of places at the link below:

Zielona Góra-Babimost Airport is located in the Lubuskie Voivodeship. It is located 4 km from Babimost, and Zielona Góra is 35 km from there. The airport serves travelers living in the western part of the Greater Poland and Lubusz Voivodeships. In total, it is about 3 million people. The facility has a well-equipped parking lot. Zielona-Góra Airport offers its customers 250 parking spaces.

Zielona Góra-Babimost Airport – description and location

The Zielona Góra-Babimost airport is very easy to reach by private car. The facility is directly connected to the expressway. Around him there is a network of routes, such as the A2 motorway, the S3 expressway, and national roads no. 12, 27 and 32. Access from the center of Zielona Góra takes less than 30 minutes.

Zielona Góra-Babimost Airport serves regular flights to Warsaw operated by LOT. Moreover, in 2021, a connection with Rijeka and then with Gdańsk was launched. In the summer, charter flights to Antalya, Burgas and Rijeka are operated there. All this meant that the Zielona Góra airport parking lots provided its customers with 250 parking spaces located at ul. Szkolna 23.

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