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Radom im. Bohaterów Radomski June 1976 is one of the newest airports in Poland. Together with the Chopin terminal in Warsaw, it is to generate maximum transit potential. The first passenger journeys from the slab were to be carried out at the beginning of 2022. Currently, the facility can handle up to 3 million passengers a year, and its infrastructure is adapted to the most popular types of aircraft, such as the Boeing 737. Taking this into account, the car park at Radom airport can also boast of many parking spaces and numerous amenities for its passengers.

Warsaw Radom Airport - access and flights

The first flight from Warsaw Radom airport is scheduled for 2022, but regular flights will take place only from April 2023. Recently, LOT Polish Airlines announced that from the summer season of 2023 it will launch flights to Copenhagen, Paris and Rome. Subsequently, travel agencies such as Nekera, Itaka, TUI and Exim Tours also announced that they would serve travelers in the terminal building. Charter flights to distant countries such as Tunisia, Djerba or Turkey will be launched on June 1, 2023.

Warsaw Radom Airport is conveniently located. Within it run the international routes E77 (DK7/S7) and E371 (DK9), as well as the national road No. DK12. Nearby railway lines lead to Warsaw, Krakow, Łódź and Lublin. It is assumed that in the future railways will transport tourists to the terminal building. Currently, the port is planning to build petrol stations and aprons.

Parking Radom Airport - available parking spaces

Thanks to its convenient location, the airport can handle hundreds of thousands of travelers every year. Therefore, a large parking lot has been prepared. Radom Airport will offer its customers a number of parking spaces at attractively low prices. It is assumed that the fees will not be large, but have not yet been determined. 700 were located in the main square parking spaces, and on the other side of the terminal there are another 2,800 slots. There are now rumors that there are plans to purchase additional plots of land for the construction of a long-term car park, but regular services from the airport are only to be operated from April 2023.

Travelers who want to leave their car elsewhere can choose from private car parks located a short distance from the terminal building. They are equipped with full monitoring 24/7, 7 days a week. In addition, they often have chargers for electric cars and offer free transport to the airport. These types of berths are usually bookable, but cancellation is free of charge. The average cost of parking is about PLN 96 for 8 days. Prices are set by private entrepreneurs, so they may vary. If you want to be sure of the safety of your car, choose one of the car parks offered by the Next Park website. There you will find only proven places that offer the highest quality of customer service.

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