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Parking pod Żyrafą
Parking pod Żyrafą
Parking pod Żyrafą

Parking pod Żyrafą

Parking at the Wroclaw airport

Telephone reservations
+48 222 662 439

Parking pod Żyrafą znajduje się tuż obok lotniska we Wrocławiu. Parking jest strzeżony i obsługiwany przez całą dobę. Dodatkowo, miejsce jest ogrodzone oraz oświetlone. Teren jest utwardzony i odwodniony. Co ważne, firma wystawia faktury VAT oraz oferuje dodatkowe usługi np. mycie auta. Obsługa zapewnia również darmowy przejazd na i z lotniska.


  • Valet
  • Insured
  • Fenced
  • Illuminated
  • CCTV
  • Payment by card
  • 24/7 service
  • 0.60 km od lotniska
  • 1 min transfer time
  • Free Transfer
  • Issue a VAT invoice

Price list

Enter the dates in the form and see the current automatically calculated price. The stated cost will be final.

1 day
2 days
3 days
4 days
5 days
6 days
7 days
8 days
9 days
10 days
11 days
12 days


Miejsce w którym zaparkujesz
Ul. Rdestowa 22 54-530 Wrocław
Współrzędne GPS:
51.1120039, 16.8881907
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Ba Ka - 11/04/2022
I always beat everything. The gentlemen from the booth are very committed to their work. Even individual prices can be arranged with the boss. I left the car several times. I have no objections.

Szymon Szafran - 20/03/2022
Everything is easy, efficient, friendly service, close to the airport, easy contact, cheap, I am satisfied, I recommend it!

Szymon Szafran - 20/03/2022
Wszystko łatwo sprawnie, miła obsługa, blisko lotniska, łatwy kontakt, tanio jestem zadowolony, polecam!

Paweł Spik - 28/12/2021
Mr. Boczoń was a gentleman on December 2. with women in the parking lot And you didn't help them with their luggage and you demanded the valet to be a valet and the luggage is a shame. As for the confirmation of any of your combinations regarding payment for the parking service, everyone receives a receipt or, according to the need, F-VAT. and this is a supporting document, so no other confirmation is needed. what some have requirements as if only they were served. If the service suggests picking up only the drivers, it is for the convenience of all those who collect cars at the same time. if everyone were taken, the last callers would have to wait for the 3rd or later course and that would be the worse inconvenience. Ms Marta B. Let me tell you that most customers do not remember the date and time. return for accurate service, we ask such support questions.

Szczery Krytyk - 31/08/2021
Very good reduction and cheap prices. PLN 80 for car protection for 7 days is not a fortune. The square is fenced and 24/7 security. Carriages to the very entrance to the airport. I would recommend to anyone traveling.
Cena za 1 dzień przy postoju na 8 days
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