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Szczecin-Goleniów Airport is an international airport located in the village of Glewice. The property is located 46 km north-east of the center of Szczecin. It is a regional airport for the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. It has been estimated that 1.5 million people live in its vicinity. It has a capacity of approximately 1 million passengers per year.

Szczecin-Goleniów Airport - accessible by private car

Szczecin Goleniów Airport is ranked 9th in Poland in terms of the number of passengers served annually. It has a convenient location, and access by private car is one of the most convenient options. The airport is located near the S6 expressway. The route from Szczecin to the property takes about 40 minutes. For this reason, the Szczecin airport car park provides travelers with many parking spaces at extremely attractive prices.

The property handles international flights. Currently, there are 10 destinations to 4 different countries. Airlines such as LOT, Norwegian, Ryanair and Wizz Air regularly fly from it. In the summer, charter flights are carried out to Turkey. The most frequently chosen destinations include Warsaw, London and Dublin.

Szczecin airport parking - available offer

Szczecin Goleniów Airport has two car parks at the disposal of travelers, marked in red and green, because the area has been divided into an hourly and multi-day zone. In addition, there are numerous external companies operating within the airport, which also offer parking spaces at attractively low prices. They are located a bit further out of the property area, but most offer a free shuttle service to the airport.

Drivers parking near the terminal building have the first 10 minutes free. This an excellent option for all those who are returning travelers to the flight. During this time, the person being brought will have time to unload their luggage and say goodbye to their loved ones. The driver, entering the facility, can take any parking space, because they are not marked in any way. Zones have been assigned only to short- and long-term stops.

The red car park is located in the immediate vicinity of the terminal building. It has 200 car spaces. In its area, parking is billed on an hourly basis - the first 60 minutes is PLN 9, the next PLN 11, and each subsequent hour is an additional cost of PLN 3. If the car is left for 24 hours - the fee will be PLN 77, and the next started day will result in a fee of PLN 40.

The green car park is located 50 m from the terminal building. It has 500 parking spaces. In this area you can leave your car for several days. The first hour of parking costs PLN 5, and the second hour additional PLN 3. The car can stay in the car park for up to 5 hours, after exceeding this time the driver must pay a 24-hour fee of PLN 25. There you can buy a subscription for a maximum of 3 weeks. Its cost is PLN 150.

Parking at the Szczecin airport is not the only stopover option chosen by travelers. It is worth getting interested in external companies offering private parking spaces. The NextPark website brings together all proven providers of this type of service. They often offer 24/7 monitoring, advance booking and free cancellation.

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